Fun to sew canyon between cliffs promenade, Landscape Gallery – remember mid-2015 tour during May Day

Shortly after the May Day holiday, when eating in the cafeteria back to the unit to work the first day at noon, see the Hunan Economic TV broadcast news about the May Day holiday travel, reflecting the country’s many tourist attractions severe congestion and uncivilized, unhygienic and other circumstances and problems, but in the end but special report Hubei Enshi Grand Canyon scenic spot for tourists to take a plastic bag printed with cartoon images of the grant, commitment per one kilogram of garbage can be recycled in exchange for a “Dragon Boat Melody” in live performance tickets, get a good practice to health and environmental effects, have given full recognition and praise, claiming to be encouraged and promotion.After reading these reports, I felt a little sad, resentment, but also there is a very friendly, happy and feel honored.Because of this I just experienced the May Day of Tourism Enshi Grand Canyon, truly feel here and civilized norms, and here are some of the initiatives and practices appreciation and admiration.For example, from the visitor center to sew Yunlong scenic traffic car ride back to take a multi-shaped wooden fence do I stop to let tourists queuing to turn on the car is very standardized way; then there in front of said plastic bags with garbage in exchange for payment tickets approach is very wise and civilized, and despite the fact that no one really used to collect garbage in exchange for tickets, but the biggest benefit of this approach is to remind and raise the environmental awareness of tourists, visitors behave in a civilized norms of hygiene conscious behavior.The situation here is even though many tourists, lots of individual time and also a little congestion when there were a few tour, but due to tips, grooming well and coupled with conscious tourists, there really did not see anything uncivilized, unhealthy and phenomena.Although there is only national 4A level scenic spots, in addition to the norms of civilization, where strange, no risk of the natural landscape is indeed commendable and worth visiting.  In addition to this tour we travel to Hubei Enshi Grand Canyon, also toured the city and toast Enshi Qingjiang gallery is located in Yichang Mayor Yang Tujia Autonomous County of.  We are six and a half minutes 1 morning departure from Hanson County.Our party of 10 people size car two cars, on the same day 13:00 o’clock arrived at the Enshi City.The beginning, we planned to visit the main Enshi Grand Canyon and recently touted online Enshi Xintang in the mountains, “Tin Road”.After lunch, we also see their own 60 and more than 80 kilometers away from the Grand Canyon and “Tin Road”, and two spots are not in the same direction, even if there is no time rushed to a tour of the sights.Look at the time is premature, and upon inspection, see 1 from the city center.5 km there is the city of Enshi toast tourist attractions for sightseeing, we went straight to the car to get there.  One to the area, we were attracted by that simple, compact four-story wooden brackets, cornices gate building structure, they will have their pictures taken.That banner on the middle layer of plaque gatehouse former NPC Vice Chairman, the famous sociologists, anthropologists, ethnologists, social activist Fei wrote the “toast Enshi City” five golden characters eye-catching.  After the purchased tickets, we excitedly went inward, through a large open floor came to the wicket in front of a ticket Boasting the left side of the head, just officially enter the area.  Boasting a shelf in the corner of Queen Creek shape, and both ends of the bridge in front of each side of a mountain, toast the city built in the mountains between the two ends of the bridge, the river at the end of the cove, the construction from under the mountain.Before we came to toast the city along the river on the left side of the road trip, the first to enter the Temple Lin Jun.It is understood that Lin Jun Temple for the three pillars three-storeyed building, is to cherish the memory of the Palestinian people and their descendants Tujia advocate Lin Jun – bar service with the Palestinians led from Yichang Wuluozhongli Mountain Changyang along the ancient name Qingjiang razed to the water and on, until Gu Cheng Yi merit Kaijiangtuotu City (now the Enshi) in the process of being established and built.Although, now that all the buildings are relocated here, is a landscape architectural monuments and folk Scenic Area, is the Enshi to implement the construction of “eco-tourism state, ethnic customs Park” development strategy, please Suzhou Garden Design Institute, Tujia regional organizations, local folk artists the construction of antique buildings manor toast.It is the only one the largest and most ambitious project, the most unique style, the most beautiful landscape of the Region of Tujia toast cultural landmark projects.  After the temple visit Lin Jun, toast school field, Tujia residential areas, then we will visit the central part of the city of toast – Palace nine into Hall.It is understood that this by the 333 columns, stone column bases 333, 330 doors, more than 90 windows, thousands of pieces of carved wooden windows, thousands of root purlin child, tens of thousands of rafters combination of root, depth 99.99 meters, 33 meters wide, with a total construction area of 3999 square meters nine into the hall, is currently the rare pure tenon joined timber-framed buildings.Its atmosphere building, the structure of the complex, delicate, carved, decorative exquisite, breathtaking.Hallway hall, upstairs and downstairs of the steady stream of tourists, flocked people have their pictures taken, some of them wearing that unique from Tujia ethnic clothing to shine like this dress really is the architectural style here that kind of coordination.  The last one to board the highest pavilion, back to top, the entire city is overlooked toast, really storey cornices, many-tiered, level up and down, patchwork, showing magnificent, majestic and magnificent, is simply an authentic toast Imperial.In particular, stands among the many gray triangle aspect towards the center, there is a circular Triassic gray roof pavilion roof, like a unique three overlapping giant old-fashioned paper umbrella.Here again the distance on both sides of the hill look lookout, toast visible on the walls and the walls Bell Tower, beacon and other buildings.  Then we went into the back of the mountain along the walls go in the direction towards the Clock Tower.Walls winding down on the ridge, walk on a little bit like the feeling boarded the Great Wall.Walls is a whole area of the perimeter barrier, more than a dozen laps into the mountains.To the clock tower at the watch, photographic later, we came down next to another along the cove through Pavilion, the garden, toast iron chain suspension bridge on the left side of the city to the other end of the large river has been shaped through Boasting later, again from the ticket out of the mouth, thus ending a tour of the city of toast.  Then, we drove a line drive to the Grand Canyon direction, at 6:00 o’clock in the evening stopped to eat away from the Grand Canyon and nearly 20 kilometers a farmhouse, accommodation.  After breakfast the next morning, we drove to 8:00 namely more minutes to reach the Grand Canyon area of the Visitor Center.After the purchase, in preparation for transport vehicles queuing to take the scenic Yunlong sew, some young staff gave us plastic bags issued, saying that every one kilogram of garbage can be collected in exchange for a “Dragon Boat Melody” in real tickets.While we’re leaving that day, and will not see the evening show, but we were all pleased to receive the bags, and expressed sincere appreciation practice.  It is understood that, in Yunlong sewn into the canyon, surrounded by huge gully, was an underground stream segment Yunlong River to sleeping underground river in the form of two or three thousand years, due to the strong undercut the water in the ground, in the continuous surface erosion, resulting in the top of the underground river collapsed, he was able to sew published, become a great spectacle Enshi Grand Canyon.Stitched full-length 3.6 km, the average depth of 75 m, an average of 15 meters wide, with steep sides, waterfalls slumped, slit at the end gurgling, Tianshui through the river, the second line vast QINGJIANG.Sew on a total of seven and a half waterfall (there is a waterfall called “half waterfall” wet period there, no dry season, so that half of the waterfall).  Stood on the hillside not see the seam, only to stand in the seam above the upper valley Boasting visible only under dense thickets a long gap sunk deep in a mountain valley in the skin.By the rain bridge, we left with the flow along the valleys and narrow stone paths stepped slowly forwardly at a vertical seam to the plank Cliffs.From time to time because of the cliff down to float in the air and spring water dripping rain drops or form, together with the seam at the bottom of gurgling water, as well as a number of falls from heaven, to sew a boardwalk feel very cool.Plank down stone paths and stairs than many spacious, tourists stop to take pictures that generally will not affect others through.We marvel at the gods of nature at the same time, keep the edge to go back while taking pictures.In adopting a suspension bridge, someone deliberately at both ends of the bridge swinging bridge, so that visitors walk on are faltering, nervous, really fun.  Over a cliff move along the bridge to the left, we came to the bottom of a seam where the pattern engraved Tai Chi and “female hayang fish” handwriting on a block of stone.Here the terrain is relatively open, from top to bottom has a multi-layer viewing platform and a number of pavilions Gallery profile.We are here to watch, take pictures for a while after, we were ready to go along scenic stepped up exports.At this level more than Exalted congestion, we will continue to have the staff went to go to another exit in the direction of the cliff.Because the front of the construction there are nearly kilometer long plank road closed, it is due to step up here, some congestion, but also open a temporary path along the cliff.So, we were divided into two groups along two steps up exports out of the seam attractions.  After merging, it was suggested not to Qixing Village scenic, and directly rushed to the Xintang ‘Pilgrim’ to.I immediately said: “Seven Village scenic area is the core area of the Grand Canyon, tickets are bought, how can it not?’Pilgrim’ is not necessarily very nice, had time to go, time to go is not much relationship.”Then, someone said to Chai scenic Seven Star football must take the car to go, in order to save time and energy, I think the car is not conducive to sitting embrace better appreciate the deep feelings of the tour still want to go on foot.Upon inquiry staff, take the scenic transportation vehicle arrived seven scenic Walled door only after climbing more than eight hundred eighty stairs to reach the cableway station near the top, then climb the cliff gallery tours and other attractions.So, I and two others decided to climb on foot.  When we ride to the Village Seven Star scenic walk entrance, he looked up, lying in front of it as a plank road knifed ax the steep cliffs have been a steady stream of visitors to climb the tour, head hanging hangs on cars after another flowing, just like a convoy of geese flying in the sky.  We are a small building along the door, wearing a stone labyrinth, Sky climbing tour to the cliff promenade direction all the way, talking and laughing in a very relaxed atmosphere, we have to quickly reach the stone near the top cableway station wear maze attractions.This is mainly karst stone wave, peak cluster, from tens of centimeters to two or three meters high, ranging walk through them really feel like being there is a feeling among the maze.  It is understood that, in the karst landscape, the cliffs are generally those who have no peak cluster, there are no cliffs fengcong.The scenic Seven Star Village not only both, but also very strange, spectacular, which had said it was a miracle.  Then, we crossed the high hundreds of meters wide and about thirty or forty meters long thin strip of sky only twelve meters of area, that extraordinary feeling, really feel the magic of Heavenly creatures.  Then, we began to explore the cliff promenade.It is understood that cliff promenade known as the “cliff plank road”, a total length of 488 meters, 118 steps, at an altitude of 1,700 meters, the clear height difference of 300 meters of the mountain cliffs waist.The project was founded in October 2007, lasted one year and eight months to complete.Both learned the ancient plank road Prachuab create law, but also combined with modern reinforced concrete construction of advanced technology, safety science, atmospheric spectacular, embodied the courage and wisdom development of contemporary entrepreneurs.When you visit along the cliff, in addition to all the way to enjoy the great scenery Wuling, it can also bring you one kind of sensory thrills.The plank road bends total of seven eight Shui, the implication is: Road winding street, the heart consistently.Song said there are: the Big Dipper seven bucket (dǒu), seven cliffs along the cliff shake (dǒu); After some shock, life on the road hand in hand.  Although I did not feel frightened, but I believe my future life on the road will become broader and broader of.  When the tour attractions in a stick of incense, because both sides of the cliff in a narrow mountain pass of a stick of incense from the viewing platform independent pinnacle in close proximity, and the pinnacle of high and stands, cameras, mobile phones must be taken in order to erect manner panoramic photograph, but you can only shoot a portrait of the head or upper body.So, I think here only for watching the scenery and take photos, but not the pinnacle for both man and shoot together.And to the Twin Towers viewing platform, a stick of incense with another pinnacle peaks standing side by side, where they became lovers peak.Due to the viewing platform with two peaks farther away, and vision, where the effect of camera is the best thing, especially for lovers, the couple took photos of, not only the scenery is very beautiful, also very profound implication.  After enjoy taking pictures here, we visit the mother and Wife and other attractions, most people in straight sets the last step all the way down along the spiral ladder subtlety attractions, while some people take the elevator down, then we go back to Seven Walled scenic tourist exports return Center.  A complete tour of the Grand Canyon has nearly two o’clock in the afternoon, so we decided not to go Xintang “Tin Road”, but rather directly back in time, in order to shorten the journey home, there is nothing to look at along the way places to visit.Some people want to see the Three Gorges Dam, but there certainly must have been overcrowded, it was immediately expressed their opposition.Come to think of the way the innate Hubei, Li has seen many marked “Qingjiang gallery” tourist attraction sign, I use the phone Baidu a bit and found that the Department of State Yichang Qingjiang gallery Mayor Yang Tujia Autonomous County of 5A-class tourist attractions , and the picture is beautiful.I’ll give you a say, I have decided tomorrow to swim Qingjiang Gallery.So we drove to the evening will be only ten kilometers from Qingjiang gallery Dragon Town live down.  The next morning we went to half-past 7 Qingjiang gallery visitor center, after some patience after we finally pitted ticket.Subsequently, we have been embedded on the “Qingjiang Gallery ‘handwriting and white tiger totem wooden arch, storm building a tunnel straight marina.  To the terminal, we click on the Qingjiang landscape scenery in the boat silhouetted against the orange-red to attract, and then have their pictures taken.Watch still inlaid “Qingjiang gallery” font sign from the front of the boat dock pier is also particularly unique visitors, the atmosphere, colorful.  On the boat, looking at the clear green river, lush green mountains, unique antique wooden pavilion on the pier and out of the hillside and the river cruise is really refreshing.When our boat traveling in the beautiful sides of Castle Peak, a river that is full of green water Bitou poetic world, in the river wind blowing thorough heart, it is exhilarating, exciting, enchanted.I kept climbing up and down on the boat floor space, the threads in and out, enjoy the pictures, all sigh of Qingjiang beautiful and clear, and described it as the gallery is not an exaggeration, it is a very beautiful landscape painting scroll.People at the side of the ship or the excitement of enjoying the beauty of, or in the cabin quietly watching the introduction and praise Qingjiang TV programs, especially those very local ethnic dance class program was especially very popular.More highlight of 2008 was the 13th CCTV Young Singer Original Singing gold medal game of Changyang County folk singer Wang Aimin, Wang Aihua brothers singing folk songs and interviews, is to let people feel here Ghaut mountains of water the United States and its terroir good human.  Unconsciously boat soon to Wuluozhongli Wharf.On the pier to boom, and more cruise ships in and out, up and down tourists flocked to the shore dock construction is also unique.Not only has the Tujia ancestors supported by a number of columns and extending to the surface of a large semi-circle platform and three-dimensional sculpture Shooters far Cubans (Tujia) production and living picture of the reliefs, frescoes, but also a very beautiful Bai Hutang.  It is understood that the white tiger but Palestinian leader Lin Jun incarnation.According to legend, ancient times, the Palestinian people to Zuba works with early home Wuluozhongli Mountain, pushed for the five surnames tribal leaders, respect for the “Lin Jun”.Later, Lin Jun Pap forces gradually developed, led five surnames razed along the water (now the Qingjiang) eastward to Salt Yang, shot conquered the insects of male tribal goddess of salt behind, then continue with bus service in front of the Palestinian people OK, until Enshi city razed ancient name of the place, the Palestinian WuXiang think razed vast city, they keep down the establishment of a Palestinian State.Palestinians thus begins with the primitive and way of life of hunting and fishing into a more advanced farming life.Pakistan works with the wish has been, and will Zuohua heaven after death into a white tiger.Baihu Tang is a memorial Lin monarchs of water and the building of.Not only that, the mountain also has a Baihu Ting, and displayed a huge statue of a white tiger.On pure wood gate structure still hanging up the hill, “the source of the nation,” the plaque, and the “Palestinian hometown,” reads the echoes originating at the marina of St. Paul, the show is the birthplace of the Tujia here.  At this point, I very naturally think of Enshi City, toast Lin Jun Temple, which is not exactly in touch with you here on the?I’m really glad that this time we Hubei trip!We not only enjoy a great joy among Fun landscape, but also makes us a rough understanding of the history of some of the Tujia.Although Enshi City, toast just a cultural landscape, the main display is the development and Tujia chieftain system, the evolution of history, but in my opinion the perfect combination of the landscape and the natural landscape, it is undoubtedly a perfect landscape gallery.  Then, we arrived by boat fairy Walled scenic tour a lot.Plank on board the huge cave walled immortal and prominent cliffs top surface of the river, it feels the top surface of the river in Wuluozhongli mountain scenery see both similarities and differences.Similarly, like the river green, as green mountains, the difference is in Wuluozhongli to open many horizons mountains, boat shuttle, banner scroll panoramic view of the picturesque landscape, but in a fairy Walled scenic cove, in a cave on the top surface of the river and along the cliff and across the mountain landscape is more like a vertical shaft, and river cruises sometimes visible but pull out of the field of vision, he hid in the cliff to the other side, which in turn has a very space reverie, only want hastily to the top of the cliff to see that the vast river more days.  Finally, we take a boat tour of the reflection Gap.In between those relatively narrow river gorge, watch the vivid reflection of Wenfeng, camels drinking, peacock, Wu Ling Buddha and other natural landscape, we have expressed heartfelt admiration.  After the boat to maneuver in this 180 degree, we will return back to the original on board the cruise ship terminal.Along the way, I still reluctantly while enjoying beautiful views of this Qingjiang gallery, while constantly wild guess, if there is such a beautiful ancient time here, maybe Lin Jun is also not willing to lead the Palestinians out of here.  It is understood that, with river rock, GAOBAZHOU, Shuibuya dam project construction, forming wonderful natural landscape also 386 acres of lake river also in the Qingjiang River Valley, on both sides of the unique karst landscape, mountainous peaks, piercing the sky, hundreds of emerald lake dotted with islands, Canruo Lvzhu.Such as Dai river moist, high Greenwood winding gorge, known as the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River Qingjiang male, Qing Li River in Guilin, Hangzhou West Lake show, fame, unmatched.  Hopefully, this modern Qingjiang water conservancy construction created by the beautiful landscape gallery to give more people bring endless enjoyment.  2015.05.22 (Qiu Xianming)






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