Me and Time

Time is quiet with me, with the morning, with the sunset, with you, with me… I don’t think we have anything to do with it.     I can’t get tired of looking at the old moonlight, so that some people can spread things and some people can frown….   Some people live a great life, others live a small life, not all of them are life? We don’t have to care about so much.   You are still you.. A dream will not change anything… Perhaps the only remaining thing is that after waking up, the inexplicable loss and whining finally understand what the lights are..     The rainstorm came quickly, and the walk was urgent and did not hesitate at all.. As determined and resolute as time.   So like a lifetime. Sadness in those youth years. Sadness was not washed away by the rain.   Calm two not related.   Those years, those people.   The passage of the sea and the dawn and dusk have cost people’s faces and hurt people’s hearts.   Through the rain in the window, wet my yellow letter paper, memory attached to the end of the pen, and then can’t draw clear black and white.   Prosperity is still attractive, the world of mortals is ten zhangs, the vast world. It’s your own place.     The sun was still breathtaking, and Xia Chan screamed. Occasionally the wind is warm.   All the way back, se se looking, your backlighting, butterflies torn apart in the wind, finally broken at the end of summer.   The wind, the moon and the moon should all be one person’s business.. But person why are all worried by some unimportant things.   Xinghai is bright, alone, with moonlight and my white hair, alone and disappearing together..   I have already had my youth. I am grateful.. Is satisfied. Or regret?     I suddenly remembered a poem from Gu Cheng.   The time is over and the world is very long. I should rest in the middle.   The passer-by said: The branch is low and the passer-by said: The branch is growing! ”


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