First, “in the end you want to tell me what time to beat about the bush?”

  ”Auntie, really not what you want it, I went to see traditional Chinese medicine it every week, if you really have any case, my father than I to know ah.Really not what you want it’s.”
  Lu according relax, “next time I accompany you to the hospital together.”I Follow whispered,” I’m just worried, that you want to leave home land.I know, baby, I know you is not easy, from small to large, we have high expectations of you, you and the average child is different, so we ask that you only higher.I know you and hard, but, baby, home land must pass on, if we are in the hands of two generations spoiled, I’m sorry that we first pay your grandmother’s life, the more I’m sorry ancestors home land.”
  ”Young people, pay attention to the family but also to feel the style, however, most people actually disagree.Times have changed, a lot of different things, and if you can, and I hope you are now a lot of young people, but, baby, and now the whole family can count on, that’s you.Only you can land home all the labors of your brains, have the ability and courage, you will be more successful than your father, baby, although I’m sorry, but my aunt please, stick to it, okay?”
  Lu is in accordance with consistently strong staunch, few such weak begging look.
  Lu seventy-one think of the first world, when land home a little bit of decline, according to land at all


Long, or repair low, not refraining from eating grain, not surgery method, so that family life is also like people, have a natural need it money.


The secret of success winner


He loves you really measure or other intentions?


How high the risk of slag met a man?Girl they had better long dessert ah