The secret of success winner

A young man faced enormous setbacks in his career, so he went there to seek advice on a winner.After the success of young people had come to know, come up with three different sizes of apple from the fridge and said to him: If each apple to represent the interests of a certain degree, how would you choose it?Young people did not hesitate to pick up the biggest apple to eat it.The winner has to pick up a minimum of apple.When the young man was still pleasant to eat the Big Apple, the winner has finished the smallest apple.Then, success and proudly picked up the rest of the apple, big chunks up.In fact, two apples together young successful than the selection of the largest apple is much greater, that is, if each apple to represent the interests of a certain degree, the winners win a lot more benefits than young men.Young people finally understand the mysteries of the winner’s success.He blushed very grateful for the winners, said: Thank you for giving me a lesson very meaningful philosophy lesson.I finally know the reasons for their repeated failures, but in fact I really lacking is for the immediate interests do not know how reasonable choice.After listening to the young winners, then nodded with satisfaction.


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recently just past the 11-year-old birthday.She points into the report Yiziyizi read carefully, is only a word or two describing the recent Jiang family held a private banquet at XX, the picture of what did not, but there is a word, wrote “The Family of three son, Jiang when Yi, Jiang Jun, when Jiang Yan “.


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