He loves you really measure or other intentions?

Even in love, his performance sometimes leads people to wonder, you question his true for you, doubt the genuineness of this love.Then, his love for you in the end a sincere heart or otherwise he does?Now, just do small series with a love test to see most of his real.As shown, he said, want to marry you in front of your future class if shown it, he thinks a happy marriage and children have to do with it or not?A relationship, no children, they will be tired does not matter, two of the world better 2, if you can not have children, then he will love you, will you marry me?Fall in love, get married will not still in love with his own 3, he is a miser it?Monthly wages The first thing is what to do with the money it?Credit card debt also invite you to dinner 4, the thickness of a man’s lips can be seen that this person is not sexy sexy Well, then he felt below what it would look nice sexy lips?Thick lips looking pretty thin lips 5, if he has joked that drug-funded suggest you go to plastic surgery, the whole into a Japanese actress like that, what kind of reaction?He immediately broke up and immediately went to him for money and plastic 6, he was a benevolent man you?How much money is he lend money to someone else’s cap?Within their means, but it depends on who borrow without limit, and sometimes do not care about returns, human nature will be used later 7, in your opinion he is a successful people do?He wore a watch it?Should not wear a watch to wear but also very successful 8, so that if he has a skill Monkey King, which he would choose?Seventy-two like changes, became the brightest people to recruit heterosexual love gold eyes of fire, to see which one is the fox 9, assuming he has enough money, he would choose to emigrate or stay at home?Remain in the country emigrated to the US 10, Spring is one of the easiest season for love, it is easier to break up the season is what season it?Spring Summer 11, when he drove a road unfamiliar, you tell him how to walk, and finally you still lost, then he will?It does not matter, you complain when you ride it, I knew it should turn 12 in that way, when you live together, who usually do the dishes?What if something happens to you today, let him washing dishes, washing dishes when he is the biggest headache?There are dirt rice bowl rice bowl of lard there dry grain 13, he secretly believed Nandaonvchang and blatant bullying is as bad as it?Is not shown in Figure 14, if you take the initiative, he never ask you to watch movies, go shopping with you, always passive, if you do not put forward, he would never take the initiative to ask you, if you mention, he can also meet you.Do you think this man loves you right?He may not like he might get used to being chased 15, he funded it in the hand?How much money he spent a month in your body it?If you let him balance it, what will happen tantalum?Relatively frugally tough times ahead, to survive; riveting enough strength to do things to make money does not matter, the family also wants to find 16, his credit card usage is kind of how?Never the less the number of cards, have paid off on time every month?Zhang above credit cards, robbing Peter to pay Paul 17, he has a habit of saving it?Whenever the end of the month, he became a paycheck to paycheck, before looking at the hard earned money have been spent, he will feel?Value for money spent, hand things in themselves are particularly pleased to spend no reasons 18, a former boyfriend (girlfriend) crying on the phone, no matter what time he would drive past it?It will, after all, loved each other once impossible 19, you know his attitude towards it hundred dollar bills?When you have a wallet inside a hundred dollar bill, he will be how to use it?Did not have to use it, do not boil the consumer, keeping the whole in the side, or maximize small soon spend a hundred little money, they want to see things on the shot 20, the night you were sleeping, all of a sudden he called you, you want to dress neatly, they go out to see those friends.But you very reluctantly, he would?Very disappointed, but there is no way very angry and said some very excessive, then A, with you, he must be a family of fifteen ill-wishers, has other intentions oh.Maybe he’s talking about love too quick success, in short, the speed will be faster, makes you a little uncomfortable.In fact, you do not like this way, the natural point, how wonderful to slowly fall into place.Unfortunately, he does not think so, he wants to get you the sooner the better, so you become his people, after you have convenient control how simple.He does this idea really is naive.If you do not want so fast, and you can not control the speed of your love of words, or away from him!B, he is one hundred percent of your pay, and not asking for anything, oh no.Tube you have something not satisfied, even if he has a hundred percent not willing, will follow your mind to do it, I will not make you sad.Perhaps you will find such a person a bit useless in front of you, not as good as other people chasing you so the atmosphere, but it is this talent is really the last minute to protect your people, you should be clear black and white oh.Do not be that bright empty shells deceived.C, you want to get people is easy, but it is difficult to want to get your heart.And he is the kind of aware of the tiger favor of the kind of person a difficult path.So he really love you, will not easily let you make any objectionable things, such as taking advantage of the time you get drunk you go to bed and so on to something.Because he knows that to your character, even after sober between friends you do not become, he also wants your relationship to long-term development in.He is a very patient person, I will be waiting to bait his own hook Oh voluntary!d, colorful lure him too much, but you just are his many flowers in one, he would not want to waste a lot of time on your side.And you fall in love, he will be mostly implied, if you are interested in and his development, do not go to bed and do not much care on this matter, he will continue playing and you; if you start flatly refused, he would screeching halt; but if you start an ambiguous attitude, or their own long before him fall head over heels, then you are more passive.You give him a false sense signals and, finally hurt the deepest must be your own.You might also like to re-answer: you measure how many people are around you Momoaimu?Quiz to see what your other half surname?Cece how many people crush on you, too accurate, right!Recent test your feelings will not have a third party?


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  Who wants to be first out to support striking is Houfu Yongning, measuring the field in the crowd of onlookers, accounting for no more than a penny land.Also re-registered all the palace spawned, make up in previous years, tax evasion.


  ”Niangshui into, but I still want to ask you, in the end the idea is that you want out.But do not worry, your money back, definitely have your share, earn more than cents.”


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