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The love story of life cherish life story of Helen Keller, the famous American writer and educator.In 1882, she was a year old, because of a high fever, brain injury, thereafter, her eyes do not see, the ears hear, then, could not speak.  She grew up groping in the dark.Seven years old, the family asked for her tutor, teacher Helen Sullivan is affecting life.Sullivan childhood eyes almost blind, to understand the pain of losing a bright.Under the guidance of her hard work, Helen touching learn sign language, Braille touch card learned to read, to touch someone else’s lips, finally learned to speak.  Sullivan teacher Helen let close to nature, let her roll in the grass, running and jumping in the field, sow the seeds in the ground, and climbed up to eat; took her newborn piglets touch, to the river dabble.Helen obstacles under the care of a teacher of love, even to overcome blindness and deafness, completed college.  In mid-1936, and her daily life fifty years teacher to leave the world, Helen was very sad.She knew that no teacher of love, not today, she is determined to make the teacher gave her love to flourish.So, Helen traveled to the United States, large and small cities, traveling the world for disabled people running around, wholeheartedly service to those less fortunate.  In mid-1968, Helen died of eighty-seven, her life story committed to serving people with disabilities, spread throughout the world.She has written many books, her story also made into a movie.Sullivan teacher’s most precious love to her, she again love to spread to all the unfortunate people, to bring them light and hope.  Warriors who is in a wheelchair Hawking?He is a brain, a myth, a contemporary of the most distinguished theoretical physicist, a giant in the name of science, perhaps, he was just a wheelchair, the fate of the brave challenge.  Once, back in Berlin apartment Hawking in a wheelchair, he was knocked down by a car when crossing the road, left arm fracture, head scratched, 13 stitches, after about 48 hours, he went back to the office to work.  Although the growing physical disability, but Hawking force image ordinary people live, what they can do to complete any of.He even is lively It sounds a little funny, after he has been completely unable to move, he still insisted on using the only activity of the fingers can drive a wheelchair on the way to the office of the rampage; when he met with Prince Charles, himself rotation wheelchair to show off the results rolled to Prince Charles toes.Of course, Hawking also tasted the consequences of freedom of movement, the quantum gravity masters, many times in the faint Earth’s gravity, jumped into the wheelchair, fortunately, every time he doggedly back on its feet.  In 1985, Hawking had an tracheostomy surgery, to be totally lost the ability to speak.He was in this case, extremely difficult to write a “Brief History of Time” names, to explore the origin of the universe.


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