Customers resistance point directly released, then surgery (two)

Customers resistance point, then surgery is released directly (b) does not relieve the customer resistance point of sales staff is always making money!Customers will not lift the resistance point salesperson can never be traded!In fact, lifting customer resistance point is very simple, as long as do three things.You put the three things well put the customer to a deal.The first thing is to identify, for example: you communicate with customers or introduce your product, the customer said: Your product is too expensive.Then you have to agree with the customer’s problem, if you go to explain, then the customer did not believe what you say, because customers think is too expensive is too expensive.So how do you agree?How should I say?You can not say yes, too expensive.When you say such a thing when you have to identify themselves equal to their products more expensive.I taught you agree with this to say: Mr. X (Miss), you mention this issue very well.Remember it?Customer recognition is the problem, not the identity of the customer is to say.Or: You mention this issue very timely.Understand?Very simple, when customers make any resistance point, the first thing you need to do is identify the customer’s problem that you mention this issue very well or if you mention this issue very timely.Here, the first thing you completed.After the second thing is to ask questions is when customers ask questions or resist, you agree with the customer problem, the second thing you do is ask questions.How to ask it?Customers conjunction with the above said resistance point of the product is too expensive, then you agree with that sentence after the customer, you went on to say Mr. X (Miss), I believe you buy a product, you have to buy more economical price at the same time to have more value and effect You have said to you?Mr. X (Miss) are expensive and ineffective products that you will not buy right?I believe so and so high, Mr. (Miss) You also know the effect of a good product, good quality products relatively speaking, the cost will be worse than the quality of the product, you agree to do a little bit of?If the price and quality of the economy and a good product and I believe Mr. X (Miss) you will want is right?When our product performance and quality I just do product demonstrations (Products) You can also see right?You are quite satisfied with the effectiveness and quality of our products do?You remember it?So a few questions to ask the customer, the customer will continue to give you answer YES at the same recognition and acceptance of your products, it’s quite simple?When you put this down for several issues and you also agree that the right?Here, the second thing you finished it.This article headline numbers released by the author and do not represent the position of today’s headlines.


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First, “in the end you want to tell me what time to beat about the bush?”


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