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I have seen this book in my friend’s place to read the life regulations, but I did not put it down when I picked it up. The book has a reasonable and regular content, and the words are simple and popular. Things such as things are in my ear, but the truth is deep and true.. After reading, one feels suddenly enlightened and the haze in one’s heart is swept away, such as thoroughly remoulding oneself and suddenly realizing.   Adversity is usually a lucky thing for people. In the book, the black father and his son met van, who was too poor to marry a wife in his life. Hans Christian Andersen, the son of Gao He’s poor shoemaker, let his son know that God does not make’ promise’ visible from birth.. The son, IrPrague, is the first black journalist in American history to win a Pulitzer Prize. Nature sometimes places its pet among the lower class, keeping them in humble occupations and keeping them away from money, power and honor, but it makes them stand out in a meaningful and valuable field..   Holland said: ” The most delicate and charming flowers are growing on the darkest land, and those trees that are the most majestic and tall always take root in the steepest rocks and hold their heads up to heaven.”. Gao Pu said, ” Not every misfortune is a disaster. Early adversity is usually a kind of luck.”. Struggle against difficulties has not only worn out our lives, but also prepared rich experience for more intense competition in the future.. ‘ I read the truth from the book and realized the people and things around me. Yes, each of us did not have a smooth life, always ups and downs like a mountain, tears, sweat and blood are common things, and calm face will give us light comfort and shallow pride in the memories of years..   My best friend experienced a very difficult setback in her life. Her devoted love betrayed her, and feelings of abandonment, anger and confusion once occupied her ideological space.. In addition to accompanying her, I gave her the advice to read more books, and asked her to try to use this setback as a test for her.. That summer she roamed the green lotus pond, reading and thinking, walking out of the shadows and putting down the burden of her heart. She has found a job, taken on a new mental outlook, is independent and self – reliant, and has become magnanimous, self-respecting and self-reliant while learning to be tolerant and easy away from the past full-time family women’s career around her husband, children and family.. She has also become more fond of reading, because reading has cured her pain and changed her life, and now she enjoys the happiness of her work..   Many setbacks are often a good start. Adversity is a prelude to prosperity. Some people grow up in setbacks, others fall down in setbacks. Stand up and you will be able to be a better person. Just depend on the ground, self-pity lament unceasingly, destined to only continue to cry. Life that has not experienced setbacks is not life at all. Frustration is the primary color of life at all.. As the chewing gum advertisement said, ” Disillusion is the beginning of growth.”. Reading teaches us to face adversity with an optimistic or pessimistic attitude, and to face setbacks optimistically will make us stand more stable.   The great poet Ji Bolun said, ” When you turn your back on the sun, you will only see your shadow.”. When we choose to look at the dark side of things, we cannot see the bright side. When we choose to be pessimistic, we cannot be optimistic. Whether it’s career, family or health, we will all encounter a low ebb, but we will always have a sense of humor and optimism, overcome our own psychological defects, accumulate a little bit every day, accumulate a lot of wealth, and have a harvest and happiness after a long journey of life..   Reading makes us strong and wise. Reading helps us get out of the shadow of life and look for sunshine.. In the hustle and bustle of the world of mortals, we feel too busy to have time to read and think. In order to survive, in order to conform to the many co-productions in the world, he bent his own will, once or twice . After many times, he was numb, and more people were keen on going to parties, saunas, singing and dancing . So loneliness became a deadly poison, and dance academy became very happy.. Living alone in a booth and holding a few good books became a luxury for a few people in close reading at night..   Spring flowers and autumn moon no longer, red light and green dance still exist. The wise sculptors are looking at us coldly. After the hot wine, we are keen on the expectation of the next party. Funny text messages read incessantly, ignoring more of our responsibilities. No longer afraid of ignorance, but see poverty as a tiger; Don’t think about what you’re doing, but sigh with emotion that time flies relentlessly. The fear of human nature is not its own cowardice, but the shadow of life that cannot be read.   The minds of the sages are like lonely stars.   I stick to the pleasure of reading and enjoy the life of reading.


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