, Ridicule and said: “Cloud predecessors, in fact, not only I will not, and now most of them will not Yaozu” Then he felt confidently up, we will not, not embarrassed!

  Yun Yung opened his mouth, and finally did not say anything, it will not spell even the most basic, you have the nerve to say you own a Yaozu?Now Yaozu level is too low.
  Gou Daqing Terran life long, dry and the service sector, did not feel embarrassed, quickly restored calm, he took out the phone, plug in the phone card, the basic operation to introduce a cloud capacity.
  ”Cloud predecessors, you see open this APP, after how much money you are visible.”Gou Daqing that focused on the use of several dealing with money software.
  Operation is not difficult, Yun Yung looked again to remember, using a mobile phone immediately checked their current balance, Lu Hock Nien gave her twenty million Gou Daqing gave her one million, Lu Hua years gave her fifty thousand, she now has 21,050,000.
  Yun Yung check the balance did not avoid the Daqing Gou, Gou Daqing dog eyes see straight, big brother is the big brother, he is a deposit several times, followed by a few zeros to the, ah countless.
  Compared to envy Gou Daqing, read the balance, the cloud volume was a little frustrated, watching more than twenty million,


Nothing was found, I’ll wait and see if she really has found that the first time I took her.”


The world can not find even a good cat


Cheats points on the glory of the King [constellation matching]


The measure of love is love or you do deep two