Nothing was found, I’ll wait and see if she really has found that the first time I took her.”

  Then, Tiger made a cut-throat gesture.
  Zhao Yang five still tangled shook his head, and he wanted to solve the Su Qing once and for all, just not a good way Collateral.
  Just then, someone knocked on the door.
  ”Come in.”Tiger muffled.
  Outside the men opened the door to report: “Troop, Zhang Kuan came and said that you want to see your face, and you talk about.”
  ”He would be willing to come here?”Zhao Yang five sneer, he had dared to destroy the people to Hou, it shows that he did not put Zhang Kuan looked down:” Let him come on.”
  Now Zhang Kuan came to the door he did not care.
  And so after his men to leave, Zhao Yang looked at five tigers: “If you want to get rid of that policewoman, no non-hands by our.”
  Tiger eyes sparkling with Qingmang: “Troop want Collateral?”
  Zhao Yang five laughed language, he checked to find someone to clear the end of the Soviet Union, although it looks Su Qing ordinary, but it is the province of Politics and Law Committee secretary of the very “value” of the people, she promoted it, because bits high weight of provincial leaders, so Zhao Yang five will not act rashly.
  Soon, Zhang wide in the leadership of young people came to the room where Zhao Yang five years.
  ”I thought of how the brothers have the time.”Zhao Yang five did not get up, smiling


, Ridicule and said: “Cloud predecessors, in fact, not only I will not, and now most of them will not Yaozu” Then he felt confidently up, we will not, not embarrassed!


The world can not find even a good cat


Cheats points on the glory of the King [constellation matching]


The measure of love is love or you do deep two