The world can not find even a good cat

Personal home mice disaster, many things have been bitten bad, upsets him day and night, so he does not hesitate to spend family wealth, to buy a thoroughbred cat.The cat was born too big long body hair, Hutouhunao, two eyes glowed at night, Mimi a call, all of them are just scared rats howling shelter in a cave, not even dare to breathe.This man was very happy with his delicious fish and meat to feed it, let it sleep on the finest carpet.Cat mouth to eat all day flow of oil, sit safely sleep, do not go to the rat.Over time, the mice also courage, and not only did not catch the cat, rat and sometimes even tease it!As a result, the mice so much noise more fierce.The man was furious, sent packing a stick cat, leaning on the door frame sigh, he said: the world can not find even a good cat!Moral of the story: a life of ease is easy to kill human aspirations; coddle coddle make people depressed.Cat Cat’s own lifestyle, eat a lot of fish, it will forget it was originally eat rats.


, Ridicule and said: “Cloud predecessors, in fact, not only I will not, and now most of them will not Yaozu” Then he felt confidently up, we will not, not embarrassed!


Nothing was found, I’ll wait and see if she really has found that the first time I took her.”


Cheats points on the glory of the King [constellation matching]


The measure of love is love or you do deep two