Last generation of “rival”

1.Never gentle with him the first time I heard her father’s lover previous life sentence, I next higher one day going to night classes, the girls jumped from the mouth of a prettily out of the front row, with a little bit hypocritical, small sport.  Just a few minutes ago, the girls traveled chubby dad went to school, only to send one of her favorite pea cake.So the face of the same table praise for their father, the girl says.  Then, in the pea cake fatherly breath, I suddenly jumped out of an idea: If the father is a daughter’s lover previous life, then, must be the son of his father last generation rival, and never be at peace.Just like me and dad in me to be his son’s lifetime, rattling is our most common way to get along.  Of course, the parent-child relationship is doomed his sword was blatant, I can only behind Zhang crossbow.  But just as he never treated me gently, like, my heart, and I never treated him gently.  So many years, I always think Dad violent temper, always a high door big voice, grimace, as well as a one hundred tire of saying spoken: I accidentally put your legs broken.  I have doubted violent father, who at every turn trying to break legs.Elementary school when he was in school can not fight for my restraint, or else I break your legs; to high school, not allowed to learn to smoke changed, otherwise I break your legs; to high school, not allowed to smoke on the premise under added up another, and not to fall in love, or really annoying.  Then finally I read the university, although still not run out of the city, but the feeling is not the same in the end, fear of being broken legs boasted moments are gone.Because the experience of seniors, it means to go to college since then have all the rights you want to have.  However, it seems not the case, the night before school, when I pack up, Dad slowly walked over, but the sound is not high, as always severe: a bunch of muddy kid can not scrape together all right to drink alcohol, especially wine, resolutely can not drink, otherwise father paused.  I stopped the hands of the action, so he’s spoken language, but I did not expect that time, he should not say, warning otherwise only stay in the word, to my surprise and wonder.That is the first time in years, he thought my legs broken.  2.Cat and mouse game is not too far from the end of college, commuting is not impossible, but I resolutely choose to live on campus, not for anything else, just do not want to face him every day and Zaozaowanwan.  I admit I am a little timid, so all these years, the father of intimidation quite effective, primary school for six years, I was not the only class of boys and students a fight.To the high school, as Dad said, started school a few days, I met a few boys secretly hiding inside smoking, for one moment, juvenile puff makes me a sense of longing in the toilet, but gratuitous legs a shiver.So, in order to keep my legs, I completely solve the problem Flying away.Then in high school, I was good for nothing snuffed itself two or three times signs of puppy love for my legs, girl, I can only live up to you.  So, years growing up in father iron discipline, I read all the way to behave University.In those years, I’m a rat that he is a cat.  Then hum, Dad, I do not believe, you really can continue to suppress me.  In that break the cage, to freedom of belief, my college life vigorously begun.  Then, six boys dormitory, in closing the door on the third night, opened a beer feast.As a result, I had to admire the prospective father.Only this time, he has not up to my first drink of hidden little excited, pretending skillfully, unreservedly Moqi bottle of beer, the beer bottle bam bam sound of the collision, I am convinced, cat and mouse game from the end.He could not catch me.  Finally opened ring.And I found that I was kind of drinker, 4 bottles of beers, but some small excitement.Before going to sleep that night, in a fluorescence emitted by the occasional beer bottle, the upper berth roommate said, not without admiration, man child, your family genes nice drink, watching with little scholar like, you did not think so drink.  I froze for a moment.Drinker and genes, which I had no idea that, however, the father does have a drinker, though from time to time drunk situation Yes, this is my many years of not convinced his reason, he would not let me that it would not let me, but his whole stick of tobacco and alcohol.It is said that a young man, he was a chain smoker, it was reduced under a doctor’s warning, but it is almost drink wine every day, to work socializing grounds.I remember once, Dad drunk, shout back home three drink four, then my mom tired, he said, what’s a good salesman you a little socializing?Obviously own Tanjiu two people falling out, I was fed up and simply hide in the room listening to MP3.The next morning in the bathroom listening to father their own long-winded, really is getting old, and 1 kg of wine to drink such a way, I remember when 1 kg of wine!I was scared the daylights, he did not think so drink but then I think of that scene, I could not help spread the word default.Yes, my little initial success drinker, he should benefit from genetic.He will not let me drink, but I can not pass the drinker.Such a thought, can not help a little proud, as if what accounted for cheap.


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  ”The Comrade, you get excited, Keep Cool.You have your advantages, state-owned units have the advantage of state-run units together is powerful combination, which is a good thing benefits the country, but also our province this year’s new policy!”


  Voice hardly ever, Mi Yuan Ting added: “I have heard it is developed, and who have not tasted it, and I, as a person first tasting, honored.”


ane pulled.”Ning’s is not got a mind, perhaps the lecture is some effect, may want to ask for the moon, instead of listening to this lecture, in fact, not as a direct pig bastard to buy it.