Love from the “spike” Start

That evening, a pat on the online auction is a set of encyclopedias, sub-words and a bunch of friends are vigilant.At the time the child ready to shout out words the price at the last second, a station within the letter suddenly bounced up, he was startled.Immediately turn off the station sub-word letter to go offer, but found that the auction has ended!Sub words angrily opened in the letter that letter harmful station, turned out to be friends spike hair, there is only one laughing face!  Sub statement angry green face, teeth back a message: you are too mean, actually means by this rubbish!Spike went back to the face and beating of a four-color word laughing: fair in war.  Both you made me a language up to the war of words, a night time, the two men became good friends.In the chat, spike words tell the child, she called the Little purple, to take something like the Internet when idle.Looking at the photos on the small purple profile, sub-word gradually in love with the lively and naughty girl.  After some time, a pat on the Internet has opened the auction, the auction is a set of commemorative Leslie vinyl disc.After logging sub-words found a small purple arrived on time, but also in the chat room that she vowed to do whatever it takes to get this vinyl disc!  Child heart of a dynamic statement, the point of stealth, ready to offer at the last moment, a small purple spike.Sure enough, a small purple did not notice the child hiding in the shadows of words, word eventually took the quilt vinyl disc.  Before long, the child will receive a small purple words sent a letter crusade: despicable!Dirty!Even stealth!Sub made laugh: way he has applied Bishen.Small purple hair to a contempt of expression: the Vinyl disc back to me!Child chuckle words, this girl is really into the trap!He hastened his address and telephone number issued to small purple, then sitting at home, waiting for her arrival.  An hour later, the child’s words rang the door.He suppressed his excitement, quickly ran to the door.The door opened, the statement on sub-shocked, actually standing outside the door was a young lad!  The young man smiled and said: Hello sir, I am a city courier company, a man named just a small purple lady let me come here to take a vinyl disc.Sub words suddenly deflated, I did not expect this little purple girl who could be so cunning, refused to meet with no problem, but also to the courier company to pick up vinyl disc!Be angry go angry words or child will be handed over to the courier company vinyl disc.  Sub words just returned to the computer, the information on the small purple hair came: how to?Thought the arrival of a man it?Haha!Sub words angrily returned a: count your ruthless!Small purple grin and said: You look so generous, vinyl discs sent me, tomorrow you drink coffee.  Sub words surprised a moment, this girl is really fickle ah, just refused to see themselves, and now the initiative to say at your own coffee.At the time the child hesitated words, small purple said: answers do not agree?Now start the countdown!3,2,1 promise!promise!Then quickly back to the sub-words.Small purple laughed again: Zhenguai!OK, tomorrow 15:30, Plaza Cafe, there or be square!Then, off the assembly line.  The next afternoon, the excitement of the sub-word arrived early Plaza Cafe, chose a window seat to sit down position.Through the window, he suddenly found in the crowded plaza, a man wearing sunglasses moving from a middle-aged woman’s bag and wallet, and then quietly walk out.  Thief!Sub words flashed a thought, then immediately out of the cafe.Who knows just go out on a girl and bumped, son hurried words to say I am sorry to hurry to catch a thief that step!  Soon, the child will be made by the thief into just a dead end.The thief did not see a way to go, he turned around and gasped: Brother, you give them the money, put me on a horse!Then, will the stolen wallet thrown to the ground.Sub statement also was tired, breathing heavily, he said: No!Put you next time you shall not steal?I hastened to the police station!  The thief suddenly wilted down, feebly Asako words came.And so when word went around the child, the thief suddenly from the back pocket and pulled out a knife, suddenly Asako words stabbed in the stomach in the past, the sub-word just felt a sharp pain in the stomach, he fainted.  So when the child woke up words, he has been lying in the hospital.The doctor told him that knife stab not deep enough, no injury to the internal organs, but they have to lie half a month.After listening to the words the child was secretly crying, did not catch the thief that he actually admitted to the hospital, but also put a small purple pigeon is really a big loss.


, Ridicule and said: “Cloud predecessors, in fact, not only I will not, and now most of them will not Yaozu” Then he felt confidently up, we will not, not embarrassed!


Nothing was found, I’ll wait and see if she really has found that the first time I took her.”


The world can not find even a good cat


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