”Great Ah, milk Why would you rush to a blind date?Not for your father, you see your father in bed for three days and nights without waking.Jia milk, anxious night after ni杭州桑拿洗浴ght sleep.But we did not have the money to send your father to the hospital to see a doctor, this is not the old Liu willing to pay one hundred dowry money, with this money, milk can also send your father go to the hospital.”Sau Liu month made no mention of a wife is killed by something, her father said things only Canadian Ah, said she also took sleeve wiped his eyes.


However, Zhao Wei Tong know Chen diving on their own have confidence, she also has the trust of Chen diving, but that trust only to a certain extent, and that they are not in daily life, although each meeting is like an old friend as, but not on the other side understand very thorough.