Zhu Jiajia see Jiangxiao Man down from the clouds, thought Jiangxiao Man also because just the thing to worry about it, they could not help but go on to appease her a few words.
  ”Xiao, I just go in when asked Minister Chen, he said he does not remember the argument we just happened.”Zhu Jiajia came directly beside Jiangxiao Man said:” Do not worry, Minister Chen is a special kind of person, how could this little thing because we do not forgive.”
  ”Yes.”Jiang Xiaoman Zhu Jiajia was taken aback, quickly answered a God to the children:” Otherwise Well, I ask you, Minister Chen and eat a meal in the evening it?”
  Zhu Jiajia a Jiangxiao Man want a treat, even the friendly attitude of the Jiangxiao Man: “I’d have the time, I’m afraid is no time to oh Minister Chen.”
  ”What’s up with him?”Jiangxiao Man said:” Is there anything you want while he dealt with it?”
  ”You look at this.”Zhu Jiajia to go to Suzhou personnel scheduling Jiangxiao Man looked at:” Minister Chen put his own arrangements to deal with the things that Suzhou branch, and I guess he is now the office for our two deputy department Organization of work it, although the above arrangement is required now must deal with the transfer of good work within three days, but today no idle Minister Chen one day, all things have to be processed next week ahead of the process, they might he we should rush to work today


to suffer the.


with handsome handsome and lovely Ku talk back, I was guilty mind, I would like to point hello.”


ll at this time, like late Ming Yan little rest, but today she drank some wine, I did not hold back hit.