”Who told you Well, do not go back, I’m talking about today, back to back today.”Master took a firm stand.
  ”Not.”Look around before and after Zhuo juvenile circle, suddenly raising his hand, pointing out the window,” You see, such a heavy snow, but also the first day, the streets no car.”
  Master took out his cell phone from his pocket and unlocked shook in front of her: “See you?Reservation vehicle, to five minutes, the money can not go right afraid?”
  ”How big New Year’s still work ah!!”Zhuo juvenile taxi drivers on this very dissatisfied.
  Master of stirring the her, take her aside aside, Zhuo juvenile mind confused, clinging to her arm: “Do not go!”
  ”Do you think you resist me?”Master squinted her.
  ”Anyway, not allowed to go.”Zhuo juvenile can be dragged tight.
  Master shook hands, was thrown Zhuo juvenile swinging back and forth, she was helpless, and finally sighed and said: “You want me until what time, I am so alone, in addition to the two outside babysitter you, there are other sense to you?”
  ”Where is the babysitter!”Zhuo juvenile anxious eyes almost red,” after the Master do not do housework, all I do, I do, and Qinyue sister.”
  Master your other hand falls Zhuo juveniles rubbed his head: “




It is also very easy and only requires motivated no problem.Security force brother, your brother did not want to go on are all good changes.”


How to tell when the little tricks of the twelve constellations of the man lying


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