It is also very easy and only requires motivated no problem.Security force brother, your brother did not want to go on are all good changes.”

  ”Yong Ge, give advice do something?”Bao Li Yong looked at:” Now those who want to be diverted to what can be done.”
  ”As long as security force brother like, I can put Ben Shan Xian ingredients pot for you, beef and mutton suppliers also help you to contact me.”Wang Yong said:” Brother Bao force you just need to find a suitable place, simply pick up will be able to open for business, though Ben Shan Xian has two stores, and again a not too many.”
  Paul hesitated force.
  ”When your brothers can follow you to do legitimate business, although this job a little hard, but earn money up peace of mind.”Wang Yong continued:” I do not know security force would be willing to open the third brother Ben Shan Xian.”
  ”I am certainly willing.”Security force without thinking:” Now Ben Shan Xian your reputation has been done, and if I could open a branch to those brothers to provide good ways to make money, of course, do not need to fight this ad.”
  Chen looked at the diving Wang Yong: “Yongge this proposal is really very good, I just did not think how it.”
  ”You did not expect it?still is.”Wang Yong chuckled, he knew Chen diving was afraid he did not agree, after all, is Ben Shan Xian Yong-handedly created together.
  In the case of security force operations in the future even






How to tell when the little tricks of the twelve constellations of the man lying


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