You will be measured lucky star husband do?

Although love is sacred, marriage is wonderful, however, still have to continue to live, had a lot of emotion tied to money and material.Therefore, every mother and daughter in the choice of when to consider whether the girl will be able to bring good luck to his son, to give him some help in material life, to some extent whether Quebrada.Well, you know you’ll do your husband’s Fuxing?It will bring him good luck?Take a look at it to be a test fate!1, do you like purple curtains?2 is not, you is not an easy sick people?Yes No 3, your friends have more than two close friends do?Is not shown in Figure 4, I had someone go through anything for you?5 is not, you are a man you like shopping?Yes No 6, have you tried it one night stand?There are no 7, you like to go to the playground to vent your stress it?8 like it or not, you like to wear pearl jewelry category right?9 like it or not, in your normal work, you will not take private live it?10 will not, ever dreamed yourself desperately to escape through it?Is not 11, you like it or not children?12 like it or not, you are not in front of friends do some self-esteem?Is not shown in Figure 13, the trades service industry it is?Yes No As shown, if you go to the mall to buy clothes so that you will not buy discounted products do not 14?15 will not, there are more than 1,000 dollars in your jewelry in it?There is no 16, if under a large crowd, someone shouted for help indecent assault you, you will do?17 will not, you handed over a boyfriend more than three yet?Is not 18, you will not be end of the day in his life before the end of the world?19 will not, if CEOs have a very difficult job to be done you even have to sacrifice hue, but there are many benefits you will not agree?20 would not you do like cake scented perfume?21 like it or not, do you like the office romance?22 like it or not, you are a person believe in the existence of gods do?Is not 23, do you like to wear short skirts?Like it or not 24, you would do the poor beggars on the streets?It will not be 25, and before you put your boyfriend exchanges of experience will tell you the current boyfriend yet?Is not 26, you do like to watch romantic novels Taiwan?27 like it or not, you feel the most pure love is in the student’s right?Is not 28, you will be afraid of your love and material linked to it?Will not be 29, you are an emotional person do?Is not 30, do you often wake up at night?Is not your score: Your answer is: Fuxing Index: 20 points because your volatile emotions, the other side a little at a loss, good times and bad attitude when you let your lover asking this question, over time will cause mutual suspicion between you, your practice will only make him feel that he is dispensable for you, go on like this will only make your lover can not endure!I suggest you control some of my emotions Oh, more attention to him, after all, you’re in love with the only thing.Your answer is: Fuxing Index: 40 points, although the two of you love very sweet, but still not become each other’s lucky star, think about the day you want to love you, no intention to help each other think of the cause of these things, only a day enjoy a romantic and forget reality, to put it nicely is love each other dearly, but life is real, not illusory blindly indulge their love lives Oh, or realistic, so it only made great progress.Your answer is: Fuxing Index: 60 points although you are the other half of the lucky star, but you are too harsh for the other half of discipline, such as his position in the company, whether he is with other female colleagues too close friends, such discipline only let people you love you back away Oh, to be a woman or gentle enough, it is recommended that you sometimes adopt a moderate attitude a little more time to care care about each other’s daily life, do not just focus on his shortcomings, after all, love is twofold, so you two will get along more harmonious Oh!Your answer is: Fuxing index: 80 Maybe you do not actually pay any action, but you are the best spiritual support each other, to support the other half to complete the dream, so you speaking to each other like a kind power, he will pay for your happiness and hard work, your love life is quite stable Oh, you just encourage him to continue to quietly behind him, the saying goes, “behind a successful man, there must be a successful woman.”Congratulations, your feelings have been sublimated into spiritual myself.Your answer is: Fuxing Index: 100 points you just the other side of the lucky star, but also know how to individualized Oh, always taking into account each other’s feelings, although sometimes you might be teaching in a private purpose, but the other side each time you think that they are so good for his well-meaning, is really a master master high, presumably anyone together with you, will feel like the happiest person in the world now, almost every interaction you had with the men to have some success in the future if the opportunity will be given to marry Homer.You might also like to re-answer: measured workplace you are destined not it good luck?  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