Mom, do not cry

Prime Minister cried.I cried.Daughter cried.Into May I forgot to laugh.First, as the child of a small rise near the first day of May, life would no past indifferent.Then the child test defeat, let us score a critical point of collapse.Calm down from the impatient, we went to a private secondary school another.12 afternoon, just go to work for a while, her husband called to say, just an earthquake, you have the feeling it?I’m not saying the earthquake earthquake, have put my daughter’s scores a stun.Go home at night and watch the disaster daughter reported together, the look, the tears have not done.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) Premier Wen eating cold bread with mustard on his gigantic stature is not in command of the rescue at night.He made his voice hoarse, thin face, and he took the child’s hand tears, Premier Wen’s words and actions, the warmth of the entire Chinese people’s hearts.I am very distressed Prime Minister.When the prime minister took an injured orphan, she said: “My child, do not cry!Baby, do not cry!”When I could not stop the tears flow, her daughter’s tears could not stop the flow.13, 14, 15, 16.I let near a small rise in early exam daughter and I looked at the reports with the disaster, with tears.At the moment, learning is not important, I want her in the face of disaster, in the face of death undergo a baptism of life.I saw the teacher, that lying on the desk with open arms, lower body tightly guarding the four students of teacher Tan ages, he quietly lay there, this time he can not love them wiped his face that grief stricken tears.How I want to make him wipe, wipe away the tears that would let him die worried, held out his hand and touched the screen it is cold.I saw that Song Xin Yi-year-old, this beautiful child with big eyes of her young parents with her frail body desperate to prop up living space.I hugged her tearful children, no matter what time, my mother will also be your shelter, you hold up a sky.Kindergarten children to the bud-like, full of little people in disorder of children, some of them soaked in water.Tis flowers were dug up when her body face is mud and blood, my heart trembled, and throats choked, because I saw her hands still tightly holding a pencil, I daughter, he said: “this pencil could not write a word!”My daughter did not answer me, turned around and she is in tears.Ordinary fire fighters who are not afraid of aftershocks I would not spare his own life to save the child’s bent bow, on behalf of the mothers of the whole world bowed to him in his knees crying: “I beg you, let me save a!”When I believe that the whole of China for his mother would Lei Yu swirling.Under rivers middle school teachers and 18 classes were buried ruins of Beichuan Mao Dam 500 junior high school students were buried collectively, Mianzhu Han Wang Zhendong steam secondary 1000 students were pressed.I saw the People’s Liberation Army soldiers in armed digging like mad, mad to find, they rescued one child after another.I asked her, you know why the state at all costs in the rescue of students?Daughter immersed in the shocking disaster in with red eyes asking me.”Because they are the flowers of the motherland is the future of the country.And you, mother of the future.”When I saw the new primary school in Dujiangyan, on the ground that the rows of body bags.Zhao Jianzhong holding a 9-year-old son’s body burst into tears, to see the ruins carried out of the child’s body piercing wail mother, a heavy sorrow makes my heart ache to finally irrepressible crying out loud, as parents, who can not understand that life and death are two different worlds do not know pain!Daughter tearfully whispered: “Mom, you and aunts and uncles are not cry on TV and went to heaven saw the child will feel bad!”How many days melancholy mood, how much horror of the disaster and mourning and reverence for life of our brotherhood are pouring in this Wuwuyanyan sobbing in.Sensible daughter brought me tissues for wiping tears.”Mom, do not cry!Mom, do not cry!”My daughter cried.






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