Hailing try their hand

REVIEW Look at that surging waves, regular layer by layer lunged toward the shore, endless, endless, freezing sky and sea combined with the Pentium was so perfect, people can not help thinking Fusion to the seductive picture: Guangdong several years to go on a business trip, after finishing in Zhanjiang, early in the morning we drove back to Foshan.Guangdong July sun in the sky, scorching sun, the weather forecast every day, forty degrees.Air conditioning in the car looking out, felt the earth in slightly smoke, houses, roads, fields are enveloped in a thin layer of smoke in people’s vision, as if in a twisted, deformed.Yangjiang is noon, when stopping to eat, her colleagues refused to get off some hesitation, it seems a little difficult to give a cool car in the world.Foshan old friend seems to see everyone’s mind, and he smiled and said, Hailing Island of Yangjiang there is a man named scenic, seaside resort in southern Guangdong, the island is famous far and wide, Take a dip after dinner to return to Foshan, Ye cool off by.So, Pavlov’s theory of conditioned reflex played an important role, the mood began to rise, irritability, depressed mood swept away.    Dinner, after dinner on their way, the topic of conversation focused on Hailing Island.Friends said the Yangjiang city is not large, it is the United States doing that on Hailing Island in South China Sea.Hailing Island is located in the subtropical, surrounded by the sea, a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, is the fourth largest island in Guangdong, the island’s total land area of 100 square kilometers, zhapo famous tourist resort on the island, visitors gathered, fame, the “Oriental Hawaii”, “South Beidaihe” reputation.He led in the 1960’s by Comrade Tao Zhu, Yangjiang hands are portable built about 4600 m of hailing a levee, the Hailing Island to the mainland, developers and convenient transportation Hailing the achievements of today’s tourism resources.    Chat room car came to the beach, facing the vastness of the sea, the sky, such as washing-like blue, like fresh air, such as water, a fireball-like sun still as bright, but already greatly reduced the power, it is because we feel that has been melted in a blue and fresh, just feel the sea wind was so strong, not only the body feel chilly, and my heart gasped.I have been to the seaside resort of Qingdao, also visited Hainan’s Yalong Bay, vistas, cloudless blue sky, beach if silver, the waves pushed a wave after wave, softly licking the beach, relaxed and happy extreme.Hailing Island is available in five kilometers offshore in the South China Sea, the scene was still not the same, but see rolling whitecaps coming from the sky, a pressure wave upon wave, a wave a wave, hit straight from the beach, momentum threatening, thrilling.500 meters away, also took to prevent the safety net of shark attacks.    Look around to play quite a lot of people, colorful, different styles of swimwear will be full of life embellishment on the beach, but wait and see, but few sea of people, mostly under the umbrella to laze about, leisurely enjoying the beauty of the corner of Haitian.Finally, the temptation prevailed sea, we put just bought swimming trunks to the beach, at the foot of fine clean sand, feet to walk on like walking on a carpet, comfortable to the extreme.From time to time the waves coming in, licking our toes, licking our legs, the temptation as we descend, go waist-deep, a pressure wave to come, people will stand up, it is hard to swim it Freestyle rushing to draw up a dozen foot hit the beach, stand up and look, only to find that it was rushed back; companions laugh, or admit defeat, he fell into the sea again struggling more wildly planning, fight harder, a few minutes later was rushed back.Shore partner is laughter, but also called the drum of our effort to help our prestige; we are tired of the water, but also angry, so do not pull its weight, unable to pronounce Viagra, I deeply appreciate this involuntarily meaning, taste wave by wave of struggle and hard work fun.Too tired to die, I’m sitting on the beach shore rest for a moment, eyes are my rare beauty, that piece of blue sky overhead from deep and shallow, in front of this piece of blue ocean from near and far, showing a faint line in the looming water day phase at.Look at that surging waves, regular layer by layer lunged toward the shore, endless, endless, freezing sky and sea combined with the Pentium was so perfect, people can not help thinking integrated into the temptation screen in force: a life, everything is long, like to try their hand in the ocean, involuntarily, drift, if for fame or fortune tired, I worry ridden, glove if you want to be givers, but also how difficult.Try their hand in the sea, fighting in the storm, the idea is nothing more than a good way to get rid of troubles and vanity, body bare, empty of ideas, bent forward travel, lost all distractions.So life can also, people will be free, not necessarily tied to the success of the moment, drifting, advance and retreat, people always want to move forward, step by step, finished measuring your life.    Immersive, among suddenly remembered Cao Cao’s “sea view” a poem, though not in the East China Sea and South China Sea away, but the mood is the same.Poem reads: east Tateishi, with sea view.  Water where Dan Dan, Island heave.  Forested, lush Herbs.  Autumn wind blows, Bo filled.  Sun and moon line, if out of which; Xing Han brilliant, if its in.  Fortunately, even holy!Geyiyongzhi.[Editor: leaf]






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