The water flows east to the moon and west

Every time I finish typing the word ” day” of the date, the idiom ” sunset poverty” will appear when I hit the carriage return. Sometimes I feel it is a bad luck.. This is a bad word. There is no way forward without light, but it is also a warning to oneself from another aspect. We should explore the way forward in the dark and try our best to change the status quo..     Everyone has a low point in his life and may fall into the trap of fate, but no matter how timid and wronged he may be, he should not lose the sunshine on his face.. No matter how young a man is, he is as lifeless as if he had no youth. No one who loves you would like you to fall into such a gloom..     I often listen to Meng Man’s history in the lecture room. History is often a mirror of reality. Look at how similar the personnel in history are to those around me.. Sadness is inevitable when there is a profound contradiction between social conscience and power and justice cannot be accommodated by the system.. It’s hard to keep moral integrity and be good at one’s own body in this. It’s especially valuable to fight aggressively.. In fact, the more you care about a person’s heart injury, the deeper the pain, and the lighter the wound becomes.. In this world, only you can make you unhappy, live without texture, and no one else can.     Out of the stadium, a person walks on the empty street and looks up at the sky with stars, just covered by lights.. Like other small cities, the streets are still open after 10 o’clock in the night, except that the teahouse is mainly a karaoke hall and a bath center, and everyone knows the secret of this ” singing” and ” washing”. However, all the people who enjoy it are human beings, existing and warm, and they are the alternative arms of the city at night..     After middle age, people’s blood decreased and they were used to weakness in life, all of which created temperament. But there’s nothing shameful about it, because you keep a good heart. What we want to remove is the weakness of the heart, not its view of right and wrong.. After middle age, the average person often feels downhill. For example, in the stadium, those old masters are often defeated by some new young people. For example, in the blink of an eye, some of your subordinates will become your leaders. ‘ I don’t know if spring is coming after a long rain, but if summer is deep after a sunny day’, this sentence looks like a writing season, but in fact it is not a writing of life’s fate..     Middle age is the extreme point on the life curve. It is dignified and broad. Because of knowing and understanding oneself, many ideological problems have been solved easily.. Middle – aged, slow down the pace in a hurry, not willing to deliberately prove himself, thinking that he accepted himself is tantamount to allowing the world to accept himself.     In the evening, he attended the Wu Yi Feng and Tian Zhu Shan Bill at home. Wu Yi Feng was a student in Ma Yifu, when his wife left him because of empathy. His mind and body hit hard because he looked at the spider’s web and associated himself with the royal brothers who had seen gathering ropes and gathering herbs in Tianzhu mountain. the spider’s body conjured up the royal brothers hanging between the cliffs, thus giving birth to the idea of hiding from the mountain and becoming a hermit.. He resigned from the prosperity of the city and left such a poem on the way to the buried hill alone: the moon rises in the cold cloud river, the river sounds in the moonlight, the Jialing river flows to Emei moon, and the water flows to the east and to the west..   I don’t know why, at the sight of these lines of poetry, my whole body pores are tight, and the lonely figure of youth standing by the river seems to be close at hand. It was this choice that determined his relationship with Tianzhu Mountain. His lonely and promising life was thus kicked off, and he declined many opportunities to become an official after life’s ups and downs until his later years when he wrote FIFA’s 10,000 – word regulations on joining Tianzhu Mountain.. I have always wanted to participate in the book of Tianzhu Mountain Records, but I have never been able to get it. What I care about always depends on the fate of the sky..     After the setback of Wu Yi Feng, he chose a different way to live and walked out of the lonely wind scene.. Writing is a flower in the eyes of a cultural person. If you pay attention to the purity of the spiritual world, you will like it.


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